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Apple Peel Skin-PAQ Vegan Leather

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Apple Peel Skin

is an innovative and highly sustainable hybrid material (Vegan-Leather) made in Italy
Which integrates organic apple peels into the skin of the material, which makes it an Eco-Friendly alternative for those who care about the environment and animal life. Through this technique, we are able to use less PU making it an excellent choice for customers with environmental awareness that care about the environment.


Colors Apple Peel Skin apart from being extremely environmentally friendly, is breathable thanks to it's organic composition. It is smooth to the touch and we have a wide selection of colors and textures which our clients can choose from.
Features Apple Peel Skin has a coagulation and pigment impregnating process which make our materials very rich in color, in contrast with animal leather which uses dyes agents which leads to a leak of color richness over the time.
Customizable Moreover our materials are customizable, for instance, if our clients would like to have an Eco-Friendly support on the Apple Peel Skin backing, we can do that for you, for example, up-cycled leathers and up-cycled polyester, or the 100% cotton support which we use for some of our clients for specific applications.
Specifications The standard formulation for the content of organic apple peel skins on the skin of the Apple Peel Skin is of 50%, although it can be changed if the costumer requests it. As for the backing/support, we normally use 80%20% Poly/cotton, which can be customizable as well. As for the thickness of the Apple Peel Skin we can supply from 0.5mm to 1.8mm, if there is a special request we definitely could work it out if the situation is suitable for the parties involved.


100% Made In Italy

USDA Certified & VEGANOK Certified

The hybrid-leather made by using renewable sources and it represents the artificial leather with the world’s lower impact on the environment.


PU resin prepared according to product formula


Add major ingredients Apple Peel Skin Power


Mixed in vacuum container


Appearance finishing according as required (Printing, deboss or coating)


The solidified product is ironed and dried in the machine afterwards


Top layer Apple Peel Skin adhensively together with the backing fabric
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Call +852 66212644
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